The Special Achievement Award recognizes an individual who has had a significant impact on the audiobook industry over the past year. Their impact can be in any number of areas – from technology innovations to production excellence, to finding new audiences, to social service. Regardless of where the recipient’s work was focused, they will have shown outstanding work in the advancement of the audiobook industry.

Different from our lifetime achievement award, The Special Achievement Award recognizes an individual’s work or achievement over the past year. Similar to the lifetime achievement award, this is an honor and not a competition (so there is no shortlist of nominees).

The award is open to professionals working in the audiobook industry around the world, and is not limited to members of the Audio Publishers Association.

The APA Board of Directors recommends nominating an individual in one of these areas:

  • Behind the Curtain: Pull back the curtain and shine the spotlight on an individual who rarely gets front-and-center recognition. You could acknowledge an Editor, a Technical Engineer, an Acquisitions Editor, or anyone behind the scenes who is an innovator and/or who has had a monumental achievement in the past year.
  • Megaphone: Ring the bell for an individual who has used their megaphone this year to spread the word about audiobooks in a significant and/or unique way! Whether it’s a Librarian, an Educator, or someone on your Marketing team, it’s time to make some noise and recognize this person’s achievement.
  • Giving Back: Is there a person doing philanthropic work and/or community outreach related in some way to audiobooks? Tell us about them and let’s celebrate good deeds done while working in the audiobook industry!


Nominees for this award must be proposed by members of the Audio Publishers Association, but need not be members themselves.

Please click here to log in to the members section and access the nomination form. There is no fee to nominate someone for this honor.

Submissions must be received by October 31.

If a nominee is selected to be honored, The APA Board of Directors will announce the honoree in January.