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There’s a reason that audiobooks are impacting readers at every level. Listen to an audio sample and experience the captivating power of audiobooks for yourself.

Start building your K–12 audiobook collection by selecting a grade level and downloading a sample list. Don’t forget about summer reading! Check out our suggestions for both younger and older listeners to promote reading skills throughout the summer, encourage a love of reading, and increase quality family time through the power of audiobooks. Learn more.

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How Audiobooks Promote Literacy
Teaching Literacy with Audiobooks
Resources for Libraries

Listen. Think. Learn.

Audiobooks have come to the forefront of education, giving children of all ages the power to learn to listen and listen to learn. This Audio Publishers Association (APA) Literacy Toolkit provides you with the resources you need to discover the power of audiobooks and fully integrate them into your own learning program.

Start your exploration of audiobooks with this overview of all of the benefits of audiobooks.

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An Infographic on Audiobooks and Literacy

Have you ever wondered just how much audiobooks can improve early literacy skills? Download our infographic for a quick look at how audiobooks can impact reading accuracy, vocabulary skills, pronunciation, reading speed and more.

Teaching Literacy with Audiobooks

Classroom Assignments and Activities

Knowing how to integrate audiobooks into student learning plans and the classroom environment will help you get the most from these powerful learning tools. Use these free resources to create lessons, activities, and assignments with audiobooks.

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Introducing Audiobooks

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Integrating with Your Routine

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Enhancing Advanced Listeners

Increasing Audiobook Circulation

Resources for Public Libraries

There are many ways to call attention to your audiobook collection and lead patrons to trial. Check out our suggestions for getting this effective learning tool in front of the patrons and students.

Get the Most from Your Collection

Audiobook and Literacy Resources

Many organizations offer online tips, guidance and resources to help you get the most out of your audiobook collection. Start your exploration here: