The Mentorship Committee is accepting applications for the next session for our Diversity Mentorship Program. The APA Mentorship Program pairs diverse Narrator Members with their more experienced peers, with the goals of nurturing talent, and greater equity and inclusion in the audiobook industry. Mentor/Mentee partners will meet and work on goals over the course of 3 months, with meetings at least twice a month. Mentees will be responsible for establishing goals. There will be an opportunity towards the end of the program to include a guest Mentor, who may have expertise in an area/subject on which the Mentee wants to focus: home studio set-up, narrating in a new genre, time management, establishing new producer relationships, etc.

Interested APA Members are encouraged to apply for either Mentor or Mentee roles by submitting an application.

"This has been an enjoyable experience. I'm glad I can have a positive impact on and assist with the development of such a talented and hard working mentee!"—Mentor, pilot program

"I’m really grateful that I was chosen as a mentee. I’ve learned a lot and gained more confidence as a narrator. I’ve also learned to stop being so hard on myself when lengthy pickups come back :-). I look forward to eventually becoming a mentor."—Mentee, pilot program