Event Information

Date & Time

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
8:00am - 6:00pm


Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
655 W 34th Street
New York, NY 10001

Members and Non-Members Welcome! 

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A Shared Passion for Spoken Word


On or before April 7:

Member: $275; Non-Member: $375 

April 7 - May 26:

Member: $375; Non-Member: $475 

Onsite, if available: Member: $425 Non-Member: $525

Conference Agenda

8:00 AM 

8:45 – 9:45 AM
KEYNOTE: Tom Webster, Vice President of Strategy and Marketing for Edison Research, will share the latest data on spoken-audio trends

Every two years the APA commissions a consumer survey to help the audiobook industry gain insight into listeners’ behaviors. Tom will review the results of this year’s survey, conducted by Edison Research, and use those numbers to shed light on the listening audience. You’ll learn such things as how, where, and when customers are listening to audiobooks. By gaining a deeper understanding of how customers are currently behaving we can continue to incorporate their preferences into our publishing, recording, and marketing efforts.

Read more about Tom Webster here

9:45 – 10:30 AM  
APA Membership Meeting & Industry Awards

10:30 – 10:45 AM
Coffee Break

10:45 – 11:45 AM Concurrent Sessions

BUSINESS: Text To Speech
OK, we know it is frightening!  But, forewarned is forearmed!  We’ll learn here about the current state of text to speech research and applications and also hear what’s coming in the future. 

PRODUCTION: Getting to the Next Level
An interactive workshop designed to propel your career forward. Together, we will assess your strengths and experience, strategizing ways to take your business to the next level … whether you’re a narrator, director, editor or other audiobook professional. 

11:45 AM – 12:30 PM Concurrent Sessions

BUSINESS: Marketing Techniques
Discover fresh and exciting ways marketers are communicating with current audio fans and learn how they are attracting new followers to the format.You’ll hear about recent marketing initiatives which have utilized everything from podcasts to social media to reach consumers.

PRODUCTION: Your Body/Your Voice
A look at general health practices and their effect on voice, performance, stamina and flexibility through the application of proper diet, exercise, Yoga etc. Practical ways of organizing your daily routine. 

12:30 – 1:30 PM

1:30 – 2:30 PM Concurrent Sessions

BUSINESS: Updates and Trends
Hear the latest news regarding Connected Cars and learn about new opportunities for audiobooks at physical retail stores
Last year’s panel on Connected Cars was highly informative. This panel will provide an update on the current state of the built-in Internet connectivity in cars. You’ll also hear from industry representatives on how they’re helping to foster a new retail trend—digital audiobooks at bricks and mortar stores.

PRODUCTION: Ask A Casting Director
Talk to a diverse group of people who actually do the casting about what they look for when seeking the right narrator for an audiobook.

Experts in home and studio recording talk about preparing for sessions, setting up the studio environment, and managing the delivery of final programs.

2:30 – 3:45 PM Concurrent Sessions

BUSINESS: Publisher Roundtable, A unique opportunity to gain a true overview of the audiobook industry.
Publishers from a variety of houses will comment on the growth of the audio industry in recent years along with new opportunities and challenges they see on the horizon.  Panelists include Anthony Goff (Hachette), Amanda D’Acierno (Penguin Random House), Arnie Cardillo (Live Oak Media) and others. 

PRODUCTION: Building Brand
Learn how to create an online presence, present yourself on social media, and build and nurture a fan following.

PRODUCTION: Director Diagnostics
One-on-one consultation between narrators and directors. Open to pre-registered narrators only. To be considered please review the full criteria by clicking here, or by reviewing the yellow information block at the end of this webpage and then select this session when you complete your APAC registration. Session availability is first come first serve.

Director Diagnostics sessions will take place on the afternoon of APAC or via Skype at a date and time agreed upon by narrator and director.

3:45 – 4:00 PM

4:00 – 5:00 PM Concurrent Sessions

BUSINESS: Publisher Speed Dating
This session offers participants time to ask industry leaders questions pertaining to their businesses and their careers. 

PRODUCTION: Listener's Lounge
Relax and enjoy audiobooks narrated by Audie Winners and Nominees. An hour of relaxation after a day of learning and networking. Hosted by Johnny Heller who intends to have you out in time for cocktail hour. Join us!

PRODUCTION: Narrator Speed Dating
Pitch yourself directly to casting directors and producers in one on one short conversations. Open to pre-registered narrators only. To be considered please review the full criteria by clicking here, or by reviewing the yellow information block at the end of this webpage and then select this session when you complete your APAC registration.

5:00 PM

Director diagnostics and narrator speed dating criteria


This session is open to current APA Members who have not participated in Director Diagnostics for the past two years. You must indicate your interest by selecting Director Diagnostics when you register for APAC. This opportunity is offered on a first come, first serve basis. The number of narrators offered entry is dependent upon the number of directors interested in participating. Those selected for the Director Diagnostics session will receive an email confirmation by May 15th.

Please note: You may not participate in both Director Diagnostics and Speed Dating. If you indicate interest in both and are chosen for Speed Dating you will not be invited to a Director Diagnostic Session this year.


This session is open to current APA Members who have not participated in Speed Dating for the past two years. You must indicate your interest by selecting Speed Dating when you register for APAC. Your conference registration confirmation email will include instructions on how to submit a demo along with a written list of works you have narrated. Your demo will be screened by a panel of producers and if chosen will be entered into one of two lotteries for available spots – one for those who have narrated 50 or more titles and one for those who have narrated fewer than 50 titles.

Available spots will be determined by the number of producers, casting directors and publishers able to attend the session. Demos of no more than 5 minutes in length must be submitted by April 7th. Eligible samples will be evaluated and the final list of participants selected no later than May 1st.