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Date & Time

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
8:00am - 5:30pm


The Javits Center
655 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001

Members and Non-Members Welcome! 
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December 11 -- April 1
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April 2 -- May 24
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Onsite Ticket Sales
Member: $475; Non-Member: $575
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***Cancellation policy: $50 fee before May 1, 2018. No refunds May 1 or later. Contact info@audiopub.org


8:30 – 9:45 AM
Production Track: Narrator Speed Dating
Pitch yourself directly to casting directors and producers in one on one short conversations. Open to pre-registered narrators only. To be considered please review the full criteria by clicking here, or by reviewing the yellow information block at the end of this webpage and then select this session when you complete your APAC registration.

Coordinator: Caitlin Garing (HarperAudio)

10:00 AM 
Keynote Address: Charles Duhigg

Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit spent over 168 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list. His latest bestselling book, Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business (2016) is a fascinating exploration of the science of productivity, and why, in today’s world, managing how you think — rather than what you think — can transform your life. Duhigg's journalistic accomplishments have made him an in-demand speaker for organizations from the UCLA School of Management to Fortune 500 companies and The Johnson Foundation to the National Association of Science Teachers. His presentations are both descriptive and prescriptive, and speak to a wide range of groups from the fields of business, science, medicine, and education. He is a Pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter , and writes for The New York Times Magazine and other publications.

concurrent with 
Production Track: Contractors and Corporations
With the 2018 Tax changes it’s time to hear from a lawyer and an accountant about what the options and implications of incorporating are so that you can make a decision to best fit your goals.

Speakers: Hal Peterson and Robert Sciglimpaglia

11:15 AM -- 12:15 PM

Business Track: Audio Meets Audience Development
As digital audio explodes, publishers are tasked with identifying who among their readers are listening--and to find listeners new to books who will keep coming back for more. In this session, HarperCollins audience development director Jim Hanas chats with Mikel Ellcessor of WNYC about listeners, where to find them, and how to build audience development journeys that turn them into superfans.

In conversation: Mikel Ellcessor (WNYC) and Jim Hanas (HarperCollins)

concurrent with
Production Track: Building Blocks for Developing Narrators
Identify needed skill sets and business strategies for developing narrators. What you need to know to make your mark.

Moderator: Johnny Heller
Panelists: Hilary Huber, Scott Brick, Sean Allan Pratt, Jeffrey Kafer

concurrent with
Production Track: Shifting Blocks for Veteran Narrators
Are you an audiobook veteran? This session will provide re-branding and crossover strategies to help you keep growing your talent and building your client and fan base. 

Moderator: Jane Love (SAG-AFTRA)
Panelists: Andi Arndt, Amy Rubinate (Ideal Audiobooks/Mosaic Audio), Tavia Gilbert, Arthur Morey

12:15 -- 1:15 PM

1:15 -- 2:15 PM
Production Track: Ask A Casting Director  
Talk directly to the people who cast audiobook! Producers and publishers will answer your questions and share what they look for when seeking the right narrator for a title. 

Moderator: Pam Almand
Panelists: Amy Rubinate (Ideal Audiobooks/Mosaic Audio), Tanya Eby (Blunder Woman Productions), Tamara Marston (Podium Publishing)

concurrent with
Production Track: Director Diagnostics
One-on-one consultation between narrators and directors. Open to pre-registered narrators only. To be considered please review the full criteria by clicking here, or by reviewing the yellow information block at the end of this webpage and then select this session when you complete your APAC registration. Session availability is first come first serve. Director Diagnostics sessions will take place on the afternoon of APAC or via Skype at a date and time agreed upon by narrator and director.

concurrent with
Business Track: Building the Children’s Market
How do we build the Children’s Audio Market? With so many educational and entertainment options today cutting through the noise to reach young listeners is a challenge. We’ll discuss what can be done to get the message directly to children and their parents. 

Moderator: Amy Metsch (Penguin Random House)
Panelists: Lauren Cannavino (OverDrive; Director of Children’s Programming), Mike Fischthal, Panoply and more

2:45 -- 3:45 PM
Production Track: Characters and Dialogue
Approach dialogue essentials - including voices, accents, pacing and attitudes in a workshop setting.

Moderator: Gabrielle De Cuir (Skyboat Media)
Panelists: Sean Runnette, Orson Scott Card

concurrent with
Production Track: Software vs Workflow
Audiobook narrators often ask which software should I use? This session will allow you to participate in demonstrations and Q&A with industry professionals about Pro Tools, Reaper and Ocean Audio.

Presenters: Jorge Reyes, Steven Jay Cohen, Amanda Rose Smith

concurrent with
Business Track: Back by popular demand, Tom Webster, Vice President of Strategy and Marketing for Edison Research, will share the latest data on spoken-audio trends.

3:45 – 4:30 PM
Production Track: Listener’s Lounge
Celebrate our diverse audiobook community with live performances from selected narrators. 

Hosted by: Tanya Eby, Eric Martin, Megan Tusing, Elizabeth Wiley
Performers: Tavia Gilbert (Best Female Narrator 2017), Simon Vance (Best Male Narrator 2017), Ron Butler, Lauren Ezzo, Emily Woo Zeller, Sarah Mollo-Christensen 
Panelists: Orson Scott Card

concurrent with 
Production Track: (Self) Directing Audiobooks
Whether you’re a self-directing narrator, an engineer, a producer or director, the directorial function is essential to a successful audiobook. Understand how to be the best you can be in the directing arena.

Moderator: Janina Edwards
Panelists: Simon Vance, David Rapkin, Robin Miles (Voxpertise, Inc.)

4:30 PM
Beer, Wine and Networking Social sponsored by OverDrive

Director diagnostics and narrator speed dating criteria


This session is open to current APA Members who have not participated in Director Diagnostics for the past two years. You must indicate your interest by selecting Director Diagnostics when you register for APAC. This opportunity is offered on a first come, first serve basis. The number of narrators offered entry is dependent upon the number of directors interested in participating. Those selected for the Director Diagnostics session will receive an email confirmation by May 15th.

Please note: You may not participate in both Director Diagnostics and Speed Dating. If you indicate interest in both and are chosen for Speed Dating you will not be invited to a Director Diagnostic Session this year.


This session is open to current APA Members who have not participated in Speed Dating for the past two years. You must indicate your interest by selecting Speed Dating when you register for APAC. Your conference registration confirmation email will include instructions on how to submit a demo along with a written list of works you have narrated.  If after registering for APAC you do not receive a registration confirmation via email, please email info@audiopub.org.  

Your materials must be submitted by April 6th so they can be screened by a panel of producers. If your demo is chosen you will be entered into a lottery for available spots. Available spots will be determined by the number of producers, casting directors and publishers able to attend the session. Eligible samples will be evaluated and the final list of participants selected no later than May 1.