See below for information on online offerings, refunds, and plans for 2021!

APA's Board of Directors met on March 19, 2020 and determined that the best course of action for our members is to cancel APAC 2020.

Because the situation around COVID-19 continues to be uncertain, we do not want to select a future date for APAC 2020 and run the risk of having to reschedule the conference again. With so many of our members traveling from so far it seems that caution is required.

While we considered offering the conference online (in full or in part), the general consensus is that the face-to-face experience is an important part of APAC and that everyone’s focus right now is on other things.


Speed Dating
If you are currently registered for APAC and signed up for the Speed Dating session please complete the required items by April 6th to be fully eligible.

We will hold 2 online Speed Dating sessions [April 29 & May 27] allowing 40 voice talent members to be seen and heard from the comfort of their full-time work-at-home environments.

The Annual Member Meeting – May 27th, 2020
Open to all APA Members, the Member Meeting is a short recap of the year (as required by our by-laws) followed by the announcement of our 2020-2021 Board of Directors. Publisher Members will vote for the Board of Directors online in advance of this meeting.

Access for Our Sponsors
The APA will host webinars with our sponsors to ensure they have the opportunity to share their information and services with our members.

APAC Keynote Address by Skot Welch May 27th, 2020

Open to all APA Members, this year's keynote address on diversity will be delivered online. Skot is recognized as a leader in utilizing the principles of global quality standards for the development and implementation of sustainable, systematic and measurable diversity initiatives. He has worked in the area of Diversity Management for nearly 20 years and his sought-after in-depth knowledge of organizational diversity management systems development brings together and maximizes the perfect blend of people and process.


We understand that many people are anxious about refunds. APA is offering three ways to make attendees whole:

  • OPTION ONE: You may push your registration for APAC and/or the pre-APAC social forward to 2021 when we will again partner with BookExpo to hold APAC. This will lock your 2021 ticket in at this year's rate.
  • OPTION TWO: You may request a full refund for APAC 2020 registration. Refunds will primarily be issued via check, but in some cases we can issue refunds via Zelle or Venmo.

    To request a refund send an email to Michele Cobb noting the number of tickets you have purchased, confirming your current mailing address, and listing your Venmo handle and/or Zelle email or phone number(if you have one).
  • OPTION THREE: If you are only registered for the pre-APAC social, and do not want to roll your ticket forward to 2021, APA will give you a dues credit on your 2021 member fees.

Please note that you do not have to make your decision right now. You may weigh these options over the coming months and request a refund at a later date.


And please join us in thanking the APAC planning committee!

While we recognize this is not a perfect solution, what we are thinking most about right now is the safety and health of our members. We have appreciated your patience as we took the time needed to come to the best conclusion for our constituents.

Please join us in thanking the APAC planning committee!

The Production Track was led by Janina Edwards with April Richwine, Emily Ellet, Jennifer Jill Araya, Teri Clark Linden, Emily Woo Zeller, Deepti Gupta, Jocqueline Protho, Emily Lawrence, J Rodney Turner, Mary Beth Garber, Matt Godfrey, Petrea Burchard, Matthew Lloyd Davies, Sophie Amoss, Susan Eiden, Suzanne Barbetta, Andi Arndt, Justin Marra and Karen Commins.

The Business Track was led by Steve Smith with Linda Lee, Ali Hammond and Jessica Kaye.

These teams did a fantastic job of pulling together what would have been an excellent conference. We look forward to experiencing the results of their hard work down the road.