Please note: Voice Talent attendees at the APA Conference may sign up for both of these sessions during registration, but may only be placed in one session.

If both are selected, priority will be given to Speed Dating. If an attendee is selected in the Speed Dating lottery, they will automatically be removed from the Meet the Producers list.

If after registering for APAC you do not receive a registration confirmation via email, please email


Voice Talent members present their skills to Casting Directors and Producers in a 3-4 minute video conversation. Only current APA members may participate. Speed Dating is open to Voice Talent who have not participated in a Speed Dating event in the past two years, and all Casting Directors and Producers. This session has limited availability for Voice Talent. To be considered please review the full criteria, and then select this session when you complete your APAC registration.

Your conference registration confirmation email will include instructions on how to submit a clip.

Clips must be submitted by January 28 so they can be screened by a panel of producers. If your clip is approved you will be entered into a lottery for available spots. There will be three Speed Dating sessions to allow more narrators to participate. Eligible samples will be evaluated and the final list of participants selected no later than February 11.


Formerly called Director Diagnostics, Meet the Producers is an opportunity for Voice Talent to meet with and be evaluated by Casting Directors and Producers. Voice Talent will have 2-3 minutes of reading time and get immediate feedback on their performance. Only current APA members may participate. Meet the Producers is open to Voice Talent on a first-requested first-served basis during the registration process, and all Producers and Casting Directors who wish to participate. We hope to accommodate all requests as we have for the past four years.

To be considered, select this session as you complete your APAC registration, and your conference registration confirmation email will include information about a survey to finish by January 28 to complete your application. Note: Voice Talent may select both Meet the Producers and Speed Dating, but if selected for Speed Dating they will not be invited to a Meet the Producers session this year.

Those selected for the Meet the Producers session will receive an email confirmation by February 18.