5 reasons why you should choose Zebralution as your audiobooks distributor for Spotify and other streaming services:

1.      Tried and tested and most importantly successful.

Initially earning their stripes in the music distribution industry, Zebralution created a new audiobook market in Germany by distributing audiobooks to music-focused streaming services in 2010. They currently hold the extensive catalogues of all major publishers.  Generating a 7-digit revenue figure for their established German publishers with millions of daily streams, Zebralution are now rolling out their successful audiobook streaming model worldwide through their strong international network.

2.      Content centric through partnerships.

Zebralution treasures its close relationships with all relevant units of the key streaming services worldwide. As a premium affiliate they successfully innovate audiobooks solutions in partnership with streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music which has led to recognised playlists and profiles within these channels. Zebralution’s audiobook profile with Spotify in Germany currently counts over 200k playlist followers, the best bookshelf within the Spotify service! The profile includes, as well as genres, categories such as New Audiobooks, Bestsellers and Audiobook of the Week. Our recently (soft) launched English profile already attracts over 10k playlist followers.

3.      Content centric through discoverability.

Discoverability is key to successful streaming, so considering the specific needs of audiobooks in an initially music focused environment and the desire to make the spoken word content more visible, Zebralution introduced their audiobook search engine app Spooks.With 300k downloads to date, the free app shows the audiobooks which are available on Spotify Premium and plays them inside the users’ app by clicking the play symbol in Spooks. The app works on both iOS and Android and allows people to browse through various categories and recommendations, offering short synopsis and notes on authors and narrators. With a further investment the app will continue to be optimised (including development of an Alexa skill).  www.spooksapp.com


4.      It’s all about the data!

Zebralution knows that 80 percent of the total active streaming users are younger than 35 years old, with half of this audience being between 15-24. Most of them have not spent money on audiobooks previously. This offers huge opportunities for audiobook publishers:  Not only is there the ability to attract a new and younger audiobook audience but the data Zebralution is able to collect could transform publisher’s production and marketing.

Besides daily figures from all relevant streaming services Zebralution can provide demographic target group details like age, gender and country per audiobook and author. They are currently re-building their established music data tool for the audiobook publishing industry specifically. This will not only allow publishers to understand their audience, but it can help increase business and marketing efficiencies.

5.      Distributor for all streaming platforms.

Besides distributing to Google Play, Napster, Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify, Zebralution also distributes your audiobook content to other platforms such as Storytel, Overdrive and Bookbeat, as well as new monetization models like YouTube and public transportation.


Carla Herbertson

Head of UK Audio Content

Email: carla.herbertson@zebralution.com

Tel: +44 (0)7931728008

About Zebralution GmbH:

Zebralution is one of the leading distributors of digital media content, from music and videos, audiobooks and dramas to mobile entertainment products, with offices in Germany, London, Paris, Barcelona and Los Angeles.