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AudiobooksNow is a different kind of digital audiobook service.  First of all, there are no credits, customers can purchase audiobooks at our ever day low prices, or save big on everything they purchase with our Club Pricing Plan. Club Pricing is simple, you pay a small monthly fee of $5 (30 day free trial) and get 50% off the first audiobook you purchase each month, and up to 40% off everything else you purchase.  Or, for $36 you get 50% off the first 12 audiobook you purchase and up to 40% off everything else for a full year.

AudiobooksNow also offer free apps for both Apple and Android.  What makes AudiobooksNow’s apps unique is, they both offer in-app purchase.  That means you do not have to leave the app to purchase your audiobooks.  AudiobooksNow’s apps also include great features like:
·         Sleep timer
·         Add to wish list
·         In-app purchasing
·         Free audiobooks section
·         Audio playback speed controls
·         Manual bookmark and labeling feature
·         No data connection required after audiobooks are downloaded
·         Sync audiobooks and bookmarks across multiple devices
·         Ability to skip around within track list

You can also download or stream your audiobook purchases through the AudiobooksNow website.  Streaming is a convenient way to listen without taking up any space on your computer or device.  You can also stream through our website on your phone or tablet.

AudiobooksNow’s proprietary software to sync your bookmarks will make sure your audiobooks always pick up right where they left off.  Where you’re switching between devices, or streaming from our website, your bookmarks will always stay in sync.  In addition to our automatic bookmarks, you can also manually create bookmarks and label them.

To celebrate audiobook month, AudiobooksNow is offering APA members 3 months of our monthly Club Pricing plan for free.  Simply enter ABMAPA at checkout to claim your 3 free months. To learn more about AudiobooksNow or to take advantage of our audiobook month special offer, please visit www.audiobooksnow.com