Your book is unique. Your audiobook should be unique too. But if the audiobook that you dream of creating doesn’t fit the standard, cookie-cutter model, you’ll run into obstacles getting the job done on the major self-service platforms.

On their platforms, royalty share options are limited.

  • You can only work with a single narrator on a book.
  • You can only split the royalties in percentages that they predetermine for you.
  • You can only choose a single, limited distribution option.

Through their platforms, who you can work with is limited.

  • They do not vet narrators based on skill or experience.
  • They only work with authors or narrators who are residents of a short list of countries.
  • They do not list vetted proofers/engineers/etc. at all.

Through a unique Cooperative Publishing model, audiobook producer, packager, and distributor Spoken Realms connects authors and established audiobook professionals from around the world through a modern production and distribution system with global reach.

Our vetted roster of narrators, proofers, engineers, and directors are here to work with you to realize your book in audio.

On our platform, narrators are Partner/Producers. They are the experienced, industry professionals you can connect with to get started. Clicking on any of their listings will allow you to review their previous work on our platform and contact them directly as well.

On our platform, royalty share options are more flexible.

  • Earnings can be shared with any number of people, allowing for multi-voiced production.
  • Percentages can be customized per person on a single project, making negotiations with talent more flexible.
  • Offer more experienced talent that were once outside your price range customized compensation options (Example: 80% of their usual studio rate + 20% of earnings).
  • All of our distribution options are open to projects that include a royalty share, without exception.

On our platform, who you can work with is more dynamic.

  • All narrators listed as Partner/Producers have been vetted before being listed.
  • We do not suffer from the same geographic limitations other platforms do and can work with authors and narrators based in countries around the world.
  • Partner/Producers have access to lists of vetted proofers, engineers, and other industry professionals.

By teaming up with any of our pre-approved Partner/Producers, you have full and immediate access to our Production and Distribution systems. Your partner becomes your own Audio Production Expert, helping to guide you through the process. They are with you every step of the way, helping to assure the highest quality result.

When you are ready to break free of the limitations imposed by the major platforms, please reach out to us at or visit us on the web at