Popular Anime & Light Novel Series Are Finding a New Medium: Audiobooks

Popular Anime & Light Novel Series are Finding a New Medium

Full-cast audiobooks are perfect for anime and light novels, delivering a gripping and immersive experience that can totally pull the listener into the story. [Source: CBR.com]

Audiobook listening encouragement programs in Vietnam help to cheer people up during the COVID-19 resurgence

Audiobooks are carefully examined for their content, with a focus on those popularizing COVID-19 prevention and raising people’s spirit, awareness and responsibility in protecting their health and that of the community. [Source: vietnamnet.vn]

India, the fastest growing market for audiobooks after US and China

To leverage the rising footfall of Indian consumers, audiobooks platforms have been introducing new formats, broadening their library and facing challenges to its revenue model. [Source: financialexpress.com/brandwagon]

Children’s audiobooks gaining in popularity in Australia

Parents desperate to dislodge kids from devices are turning to audiobooks. Literacy experts say that audiobooks help reluctant young readers tune their ear to written words – potentially inspiring them to pick up a pen themselves. [Source: HeraldSun.com.au]

Amidst the Global Covid-19 pandemic, readers make the switch

The pandemic has made people deal with loneliness, anxiety and depression. Audiobooks are a mood uplifter, help broaden imagination, improve listening skills, reading accuracy, pronunciation and fluency which increases a person’s confidence and self-worth.. [Source: freepressjournal.in]

TikTok video goes viral with Mom's backyard audiobook oopsie

Mom is mortified to discover she's been blasting her erotica audiobook from backyard speakers. [Source: yahoo.com, tiktok.com]