In 2017, downloadable audio revenues across the rest of the publishing industry grew 28.8% over the previous year.PIXABAY

Listening to Audiobooks Can Encourage Students to Read More

Is listening cheating? The debate can come to the fore of the classroom, where audio books can be a valuable tool for learning. Listening is a critical component of Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts, as is reading. [Source:]

Audiobooks Are Officially the Publishing Industry's 2018 Trend

In 2017, downloadable audio revenues across the rest of the publishing industry grew 28.8% over the previous year — far beyond any other format. In the first quarter of 2018, the format continued to grow: Digital audio was up 32.1% in Q1 2018. Ebook sales fell 3.2% in the same quarter. [Source: Forbes]

Here's What Scribd's CEO Thinks of The New Walmart eBook Service

Even if the Walmart eBooks service has a tough path ahead, the fact that it exists at all is a sign that major players still see an opportunity in the digital reading subscription business. [Source: Forbes]

Number of Movie Stars Narrating Audiobooks Has Tripled In The Past Five Years

As audio publishers ramp up efforts to grow a $2.5 billion market, A-listers are striking narration deals even though "it's not television money" yet. [Source: Hollywood Reporter]

Self-made Millionaires Listen to Audiobooks

No matter how busy successful people are, they always “set aside at least an hour a day (or five hours a week) over their entire career for activities that can be classified as deliberate practice or learning.” [Source:]

Listening Isn't Reading, But Audiobooks Still Resonate

The audiobook optimizes the reading experience. Even today, people who listen to them say that “audiobooks help you finish more books.” Reading in its purest sense, then, seems almost bourgeois. Who has the time? [Source: Wired]

Digital Audiobook Use, Whether That Audio Is Bought or Borrowed, Appears to Be Hitting New Heights

Pew Research Center earlier this year seemed to offer confirmation when it reported “a modest but statistically significant increase” in audiobook listening, rising from 14 percent of U.S. adults in 2016 to 18 percent in 2018. “People are busy and enjoy being able to fit books and other content into their lives while they are doing something else.” says APA member Audible’s Beth Anderson. [Source: Geekwire]