Audiobook News, Posts and Articles: September 2017


Audiobooks Are The New Netflix

Seventy-two per cent of audiobook consumers started listening in the last two years and 49% already consider themselves heavy buyers (purchasing more than 16 audiobooks in a year). [Source:]

Who's Testing Listening Comprehension?

APA member and Sound Learning chair Francisca Goldsmith expounds that data- and score-driven literacy demonstrations, it appears, are geared exclusively to decoding text, a rather quaint approach to judging how well a student’s information gathering, metacognition, and 21st century-necessary multimodal literacy skills are developing. [Source]

Kobo's New Audiobook Subscription Service

APA member Kobo has just launched an audiobook bookstore that sells audiobooks individually and also provides them on a subscription level basis. Their entire audiobook catalog is powered by OverDrive and this is the first time they have ever been involved in an audiobook subscription scheme. [Source:]

Can You Picture This? BBC Making Interactive Audiobook for Amazon Echo

In this pilot, you’re actively playing a part in the story, using your own voice. Think of it like a choose-your-own adventure crossed with a play crossed with a videogame. [Source:]

PRH Launches Audiobook Production in Canada

New APA member Penguin Random House Canada began development of this audiobook program just this spring. [Source:]

The Best Audiobook Apps, Subscriptions, Freebies, and More

The best audiobook apps for Android and iPhone, free options, paid audiobook subscriptions, and a slew of sites for quick, bite-sized listens from companies such as Hoopla, OverDrive, Audible, Downpour, Spotify, and AudioFile Magazine's SYNC program. [Source:]

Audible Launches in Canada

Audible is launching a dedicated Canadian service that will include original programs, lectures and comedy as well as more than 100 new titles from Canadian authors in English and French. [Source:]