Audiobook narrators, editors, and proofers – you now have a new tool to put in your toolbelt.

You've already got a handle on your part of the production process. You know microphones, preamps, interfaces, and a mixture of hardware and software techniques. You've got some skill in critical listening because you have to turn raw recordings into polished products. The two characteristics you always prioritize are performance and accuracy.

Accuracy, in particular, can be tough on everyone in the production pipeline. As a narrator, you're expected to be word-perfect through many thousands of words. As an editor and proofer, you're expected to compare those thousands of words of narration flowing through your ears to the script in front of you. In many cases, a script will go through several passes to ensure word accuracy, and each new level will almost always catch something the last pass missed.

Now bring Pozotron into the equation.

Pozotron is a cutting edge audiobook proofreading tool. At any stage in your production efforts, upload a clean script into the company's simple online interface, then upload the audio to go with it.

Immediately, Pozotron's brain will start matching the two together, looking for discrepancies. Pozotron will note missing words, added words, and words that aren't pronounced quite correctly. It will bring attention to slurred dictation if the quality of a voice doesn't match the expected value of a word.

Pozotron is extremely accurate and extremely smart. When it does catch things that aren't discrepancies, you can mark them online that they aren't errors. For each mark you make for these potential flubs, the system learns, and filters forward accordingly.

There are several different ways to use the Pozotron system to your advantage. You can upload raw audio right away, and scan through an entire 10-hour book in 20 minutes flat, looking for the most likely number of misreads overall, and then adjust your editing based on that.

Or, you can use the online format to do a full proof, independent of any audio software. You can listen along in real time while words are highlighted one by one, and you can mark new errors that you find (like voice characterization or pacing), and then check each mark Pozotron finds as you make your way through the book.

Or, if a book has already been professionally proofed, you can scan final files and scripts to look for those last three or four word-misses that even the best quality-checker can leave behind.

At any stage of the audiobook production process, Pozotron can help your final results. In addition to normal proofing duties, it's a tool to shorten your feedback loop for training editors and proofers. And it's a way to up your confidence level when it comes to turning in the best, most complete readout possible to your clients and publishers.

Add to this, there are several styles of export you can choose from to display the results of a Pozotron scan, and there are also import and export functions for Pro Tools markers, which allow a kind of cross-platform workflow depending on the type of project.

All of this together in a single, simple online package will have you excited to try the service out and see just how it can work best for your particular needs. Pozotron power is now yours to be tested and tried.