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AudiobooksNow is a digital audiobook download and streaming service.  With AudiobooksNow you can save big with their Club Pricing Plan or purchase at their everyday low prices (no plan required).  Avid audiobook listeners receive deep discounts on all their audiobook purchases with Club Pricing, but AudiobooksNow understands not everyone wants to subscribe to a plan.  That is why AudiobooksNow is the best option for casual audiobook listeners who want a great deal on their digital audiobooks without signing up for any type of plan or membership.

With AudiobooksNow’s Club Pricing Plan, customers receive 50% off the first audiobook they purchase each month and between 35-40% off everything else they purchase.  Or, customers can skip the plan and save 30% off with AudiobooksNow’s everyday low prices.  Listeners also have the option of choosing AudiobooksNow’s 50% off any 12 audiobooks plan for only $34.99.  With this plan, customers receive 50% off any 12 audiobooks and 35-40% off everything else they purchase for an entire year.  So whether you’re an avid or casual listener you’ll always save on every audiobook purchase with AudiobooksNow.

AudiobooksNow does not just offer a great selection of audiobooks at great prices, they also offer a great listening experience through their award winning website and free apps for Apple and Android.  Customers can download or stream their audiobooks, set a sleep timer, adjust the playback speed, or create and label custom bookmarks.  Customers also enjoy fast downloads, offline listening, in-app purchasing, a selection of free audiobooks, and unlimited cloud storage.

AudiobooksNow recently launched their newly redesigned apps for Apple and Android.  The new design not only gives the apps a more modern look and feel, they are also more user friendly and more compatible with today’s devices.  AudiobooksNow will also be adding Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to their apps early next year.

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