New Member Spotlight - Dagaz Media

Dagaz Media represents the combined forces of two celebrated Maine-based talents in audio programming, William Dufris (Mind’s Eye Productions) and Fred Greenhalgh (FinalRune Productions). Though William Dufris has passed on, Fred continues Bill's legacy by continuing to produce high-end audio drama content and audiobooks for publishers, streaming services, and podcasting companies (also doing a wee bit of branded content).

Fred is recognized internationally as a pioneer in modern audio drama, in large part due to his on-location recording techniques, which take a film-like approach to field recording and apply them to audio dramas. Credits include Locke & Key, The X-Files: Cold Cases, and The X-Files: Stolen Lives, all for Audible Studios, Expeditionary Force: Homefront for Podium Publishing, and the original podcast series, The Dark Tome.

​Audiobook Distribution with Zebralution

Audiobook Distribution with Zebralution: Go Wide & Gain Additional Revenue

As we adjust to our new normal in this time of isolation where dedicated print readers are forced to migrate to alternative book consumption platforms, digital plays a far larger part in the lives of consumers and publishers than we could have ever imagined.

Zebralution is a digital distributor that offers publishers the chance to gain additional revenue by placing their audiobooks at the heart of music streaming services. We are the streaming market leader in Germany, generating over 10 million daily streams across our multi-lingual portfolio.

April 2020 News Roundup

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New Member Spotlight - Ferdelle Capistrano

Ferdelle Capistrano was born in Toronto, Canada and is a proud Second City Toronto alumna. Growing up Filipina-Canadian, she noticed how underrepresented she was in the entertainment industry. Determined to change that, she began the pursuit of being the best version of herself, and she discovered that it began with her voice.

March 2020 News Roundup

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