February 2018 News Roundup

News articles, awards announcements, industry trends and more that you may have missed.

January 2018 News Roundup

News items you may have missed, including industry trends and statistics, the new move toward magazines hiring actors to voice articles, plus more "Best of 2017" audiobook lists.

December 2017 News Roundup

News from the UK, the new Google audiobook search feature, "Best of" lists, and the history of audiobooks.

Publisher Spotlight — Connect with Teachers and Librarians at Key Conferences

Publisher Spotlight -- Connect with Teachers and Librarians at Key Conferences

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have avid audiobook advocates talking up your works of audio art to librarians and teachers?  And just imagine those gatekeepers taking what they’ve learned and implementing it in the classroom and library, thereby nurturing the next generation of audiobook consumers?

November 2017 News Roundup

Subway car-turned-library, going straight to audio, Audible's "Romance Package", first-ever international audiobook publisher award, associations consider audiobook publishing, and audiobooks as sleep aids...