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Publisher Spotlight Engages the Gatekeepers to NextGen Audiobook Listeners

Publisher Spotlight is committed to nurturing the next generation of audiobook listeners through consistent outreach to the gate-keeping librarians and teachers. APA has created valuable resources that can be highly impactful and we delight in
showcasing these at ten major conferences each year.

Audiobook News, Posts, and Articles You May Have Missed (July)

Audiobooks sizzled in the news this past month with summer listening suggestions for families and the beach, articles on how audiobooks are influencing how we read and their role in adolescent reading, and new audiobook channels, distributors, and services for listeners. We hope you enjoy this month's curated selection of articles. 

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David Marlin, President at MetaComent Systems presents this blog post on:

Royalty Management:  Whether to Automate; How to Automate

Why concern yourself with royalty management?  Royalties are not the driving force behind your business, and when it comes to your long-term success, it is easy to prioritize many other operational areas, such as marketing and acquisitions, over royalties.

Audiobook News, Posts, and Articles You May Have Missed (May/June)

The press has been buzzing about audiobooks this past month, with reporting about sales growth and recognition of how audiobooks contribute to education and improve literacy. We hope you enjoy this curated selection of articles and the featured information from APA Sponsor Author's Republic.

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