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July 2017 News Roundup

Bolinda contributes to Australian audiobook boom, APA sponsors ALA reception, pirate site busted, Early Word's last words, Storytel expanding, Adult Reading Rainbow, Tax on audiobooks sold in Australia

Audiobook News, Posts, and Articles You May Have Missed (June 2017)

Is your summer shaping up to be too busy to catch up on the latest audiobook industry news?  Check out these articles!  Topics include the scoop on how RBmedia came to life, how Iran is catching onto the audiobook craze, and how in India they've created a "human library".  Additional tidbits delve into the topics of the growth of the audiobook industry, including the type of audiobooks the current political climate is inspiring people to download, and instructions on how to program Alexa to play your audiobook for you. 

Audiobook News, Posts, and Articles You May Have Missed (May 2017)

May brings a variety of audiobook-related news. There are some exciting industry updates including the new RBmedia launch (and they just acquired Audiobooks.com), and how print to speech programs are continuing to emerge (could be a boon to narrators pre-reading their projects?) There are some touching stories on how other countries are making media accessible to those with print disabilties, and how the UK made an audiobook accessible to aliens in outer space! 

Audiobook News, Posts, and Articles You May Have Missed (April 2017)

April brings a wide variety of audiobook-related articles. Topics covered include record-breaking preorders of a certain J.K. Rowling audiobook, a first-time half marathoner using audiobooks to train with, the gift of free audiobooks to book groups, book stores getting in on the profit of audiobook sales, a European publisher expanding their reach into other countries (each in their native language), as well as a brief history on why some audiobooks were deemed "unrecordable."  These and many more tidbits await you in the April News Roundup!