Simplify & Streamline Digital Distribution & Sales Through Ingram

Ingram offers a robust digital distribution program through CoreSource that reaches all key digital channel partners in line with your physical distribution strategy and direct connects to audio channel partners spanning 100+ countries. CoreSource Plus, a fully-managed digital distribution service, allows for a single contract to unlock the wide-reaching global distribution network while giving each publisher the ability to retain control over where and how their content is distributed.

May 2021 News Roundup

New style "original" audiobooks, improving your hearing by listening to audiobooks, educators using audiobooks in the classroom, and more tidbits you might have missed...

April 2021 News Roundup

WaPo readers weigh in on their favorite audiobooks of 2020, audiobook narrator scams, IKEA dips into audiobook realm, and so does Costco, in a different way.

MetaComet® Systems: The Four Keys to Automating Your Royalties

MetaComet® Systems provides a suite of best-in-class services to support royalty management and royalty automation. They help publishers of all sizes and types to increase the accuracy and efficiency of their royalty processes and substantially reduce their labor and risk. Learn about the four simple stages to automating audiobook and other royalties, and how MetaComet® Systems can help with each.