Virtual Conferences 102 – Or What We’ve Learned in the Past Year

We’ve had another year of connecting with librarians, booksellers, teachers, and listeners in the online environment rather than in person at conferences. What have we learned since we did Virtual Conferences 101 last summer? Quite a bit, actually!
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August 2021 News Roundup

Linguistically diverse casting, neuroscience weighs in on reading vs listening, audiobooks deliver demanding prose...

July 2021 News Roundup

Children listening more than ever, falling asleep to podcasts and audiobooks, casting authentically, and data...

Speechki's Approach to Audiobook Recording

What do you know about Siberia? Many people think that it is ice, snow, bears, prisons, and nothing else. But this is not the case. Dima Abramov, co-founder and CEO of Speechki, is from Siberia - born and bred. There he grew up, got an education, and, together with a partner, created the innovative startup Speechki, which records audiobooks using artificial intelligence. Speechki is now based in the US and has recently joined the APA, so asked Dima to address some of the myths about artificial voices.

June 2021 News Roundup

Another year of double-digit growth for the audiobook industry, changes in listening habits, and audiobook snobbery, is it on the way out?