Ingram’s CoreSource Plus – Fully-Managed, Digital Distribution Platform

Ingram’s suite of digital platforms and services offers publishers a wide range of powerful tools. CoreSource Plus allows publishers to sell their content in more places by reaching over 50 digital retailers and library suppliers, saving time by handling all the individual contract negotiations for publishers.

September 2020 News Roundup

Facts about listening to audiobooks while you sleep, too hot to turn pages, and saving sanity during COVID....

Virtual Conferences 101 – by Publisher Spotlight

In this pandemic world, the traditional conference where you can meet booksellers, teachers, and librarians is no longer part of the mix. That does not mean that you can no longer interact with these important listeners in structured settings, however. Now, those settings have shifted to a virtual environment. Here are seven considerations as you think through your virtual experience.

August 2020 News Roundup

Audiobooks are more than a life hack for some, audiobook sales increase yet again, signs of COVID-19 may be hidden in speech, and more tidbits you might've missed...

New Member Spotlight - Cory Verner

Cory Verner began in the audiobook industry in 2003 when the market was 90% cassettes. In 2004, he founded christianaudio, a niche audiobook publisher focused on thoughtful Christian audio content. christianaudio's first sale was a download on, one of the initial few audiobook download sites. He and his wife Crissy began an audiobook production company in 2005 – Verity Audio Productions – which works with all of the major publishing houses as well as niche Christian companies and ministries and produces hundreds of titles a year though that name and ONE Audiobooks. Verity has two studios in San Diego. Read more...