January 2022 News Roundup

The joys of listening to poetry on audio, statistics for Canadian listeners, how the pandemic changed our reading habits and promising projections for our audiobook future.

December 2021 News Roundup

Audiobook sales help the homeless in Ireland and audiobook sales soar in the UK.

November 2021 News Roundup

The controversy over using AI voices for some audiobook productions looms, but many argue that only human narrators have the skills and life experience to bring the most out of the text. Real humans and their voices are still encouraged to pursue voice acting and will continue to be celebrated for excellence. And those who require audiobooks for reading request that the question, "is listening to an audiobook really reading?" be laid to rest.

October 2021 News Roundup

Caution: Words at work! Slow down listening speed, how listening could make you a better driver (or not), advances in AI quality, the nuances of whether audiobooks contribute to student comprehension, relax and unwind with an audiobook in stressful times, audiobook love in the New York Times Opinion section and share a laugh with Colin Jost and Seth Meyers as they figure out how to pronounce The Audies...

September 2021 News Roundup

Anime finds a new medium in audiobooks, free online audiobooks that promote COVID-19 safety are provided to listeners in Vietnam, the growing audiobook market in India, Australia's children love to listen and a Mom entertains her neighbors...