Pozotron Power – Take Your Proofreading Accuracy to the Next Level

Audiobook narrators, editors, and proofers – you've already got a handle on your part of the production process. You know microphones, preamps, interfaces, and a mixture of hardware and software techniques. You've got some skill in critical listening because you have to turn raw recordings into polished products. Now bring Pozotron into the equation.

Pozotron is a cutting edge audiobook proofreading tool. At any stage in your production efforts, upload a clean script into the company's simple online interface, then upload the audio to go with it.

​The Audio Flow takes books from pages to audio – your success begins with us!

The Audio Flow is a full-service production and publishing company that loves the way authors and narrators tell stories. Our goal is to take books from pages to audio producing projects listeners will love. We understand that creating audiobooks can be stressful and having The Audio Flow or Three One Six Audio – our non-fiction and children’s audio publishing company – navigate those waters will make the process smooth sailing.

January 2020 News Roundup

Ebook and audiobook use skyrockets, and new aspects of audiobook listening; live recordings and unusual selections...