July 2018 APA News Roundup

KKR to Acquire RBmedia, how publishers can help push consumers to choose audiobooks, the rise of indie audiobooks, audiobooks elicit stronger emotional responses than movies, and more...

How AudiobooksNow does Recommendations and Bulk Purchasing of Digital Audiobooks

Backed by over 18 years of experience in the book and audiobook industry, AudiobooksNow set out to be a different kind of digital audiobook service. Through its years of experience with BookLender, the company’s paperback book and CD audiobook rental service, AudiobooksNow has a tradition of innovation. This year AudiobooksNow released its custom recommendations software and bulk purchasing platform.

Kobo Audiobooks – Experience the Joy of being Told a Story

Since its inception in 2009, Rakuten Kobo has become one of the world’s most innovative eReading services, providing millions of eBooks to 190 countries. The company offers a variety of award-winning eReaders and a top-ranked eReading app. In September 2017, Kobo uncovered another dimension of storytelling, adding Audiobooks to their offering.

June 2018 News Roundup

News From BookExpo and All Around the Audiobook Industry

Zebralution, a Distributor for Spotify and Other Streaming Services

It’s been widely reported that streaming is here to stay and with access to 200 million paid subscribers worldwide, music on demand services like Spotify shouldn’t be ignored. With these membership services now offering spoken word in the form of podcasts, it is only natural for audiobooks to be at the forefront; opening up new target group opportunities for publishers.

Zebralution, one of the leading international distributors of digital media content, offers pioneering digital exploitation strategies for audiobook publishers, ensuring your audiobooks are at the heart of streaming services. Zebralution brings your audiobooks to the people, instead of bringing people to audiobooks.