Zebralution Digital Distribution

Zebralution is a digital distributor that offers publishers the chance to gain additional revenue by placing their audiobooks at the heart of music streaming services. We created a new audiobook market in Germany by distributing audiobooks to streaming platforms in 2010. Zebralution is the streaming market leader in Germany, generating a 7-digit revenue figure for our established German publishers with millions of daily streams. Our English language catalogue continues to grow and currently counts over eight thousand titles.

March 2019 News Roundup

London Book Fair: Audiobooks Are Still Hot, Spanish Language audiobook production rising, forget videos, erotic audiobooks are making a splash, and more news you may have missed.

Bookwire - global distribution for audiobook publishers

Everything we do at Bookwire is geared towards giving audiobook publishers the best tools to grow and optimise digital sales across an unparalleled network of global retailers. Founded in 2009, we now work with over 1,600 publishers, and our world class Bookwire MACS platform distributes over 50,000 audiobook titles.

February 2019 News Roundup

Interesting tidbits you might have missed about the audiobook industry from the months of January and February, 2019.

December 2018 News Roundup

News and tidbits you may have missed from the Frankfurt Book Fair and FutureBook Conference, reinforcing the staying power and growth of audiobooks. Latin America enters the audiobook arena, and more on listening vs. reading.