It's time to slow down your audiobook speed

Maybe what we all need is to slow down and allow words to do what it is they’re best at: helping us make meaning of story, of narrative, of nuance. Words help us make meaning of life. [Source:]

Does listening to an audiobook make you a better driver?

While listening to audiobooks in a simple environment, people reacted more quickly to hazards and experienced less fatigue but listening to audiobooks in urban driving situations could present problems by consuming too much of the driver's attention. [Source:]

Startup AMAI is developing AI voices that can express human-like emotion

As the deep learning technology that undergirds AI voice generation improves, so will the quality of the product. [Source:]

Does a student who listens to an audio version of a book comprehend as much as a student who reads it?

For developing readers, the assumption is that audiobooks will help them become proficient readers. For proficient readers, the discussion is more nuanced, subject matter counts. [Source:]

When Listening to a Book Is Better Than Reading It

Audiobooks are not to be feared; they do not portend the death of literature on the altar of modern convenience. Their popularity is a sign, rather, of the endurance of stories and of storytelling. [Source:]

Why audiobooks are a brilliant alternative to reading

Audiobooks are a great way to relax and unwind, allowing yourself to forget the stresses of the day and get lost in somebody else’s narrative. [Source:]

Colin Jost talks about his Audie with Seth Meyers

"I'm very conditioned to not win any award ever... I was very flattered and very surprised". Colin Jost: Humble and Hilarious. Check it out! [Source:]