Frankfurter Buchmesse Online: Our Publishing Perspectives Talks 2020

The trio of Publishing Perspectives Talks at the Frankfurter Buchmesse this year brings together some of the sharpest players in their respective sectors for agile conversation and debate. See APA Executive Director Michele Cobb at the virtual Frankfurt Book Fair / Frankfurter Buchmesse discussing "Digital Format Adoption and the Pandemic" Tuesday October 13 noon ET with Videl Bar-Kar, Kristen McLean and Michael Tamblyn. Moderated by Porter Anderson. [Source: Publishing Perspective]

A Lot of Data and a Little Singing: How The Times’s Best-Seller List Comes Together

The weekly book lists are determined by sales numbers. But a touch of Salt-N-Pepa or Axl Rose livens up the process. [Source: NYTimes]

Signs of Covid-19 may be hidden in speech signals

Processing vocal recordings of infected but asymptomatic people reveals potential indicators of Covid-19. [Source:]