Leo Tolstoy. Photo: Bettmann/Bettmann Archive Barely preserved recordings of Tolstoy reading his own 1908 works are now available to listeners.

Audiobooks Are the New EBooks, Plus New Audiobook Review Sources

Efforts to tap into the growing revenue of audio prompt major publishers to have their own audio divisions, and experiment with audio-only and theater pieces, New audiobook title coverage from new and ongoing sources. [Sources: Vulture, Chicago Tribune Reviews, Washington Post Reviews, Vulture – Best Sellers, Vulture – Best Performances]

Audio Recordings from Long Ago; The First Audiobooks

Thanks to Thomas Edison’s phonographs, a raft of researchers, the Library of Congress, and YouTube, some of the oldest author recordings ever made can now be streamed straight into your earbuds. [Source: Vulture]

New York ComiCon sees Harry Potter Audiobook Interactive

Audible’s clever interactive display demonstrates that audiobooks are an altogether different experience for readers than sitting down with a book. [Source: TheVerge]

StoryTel Continues its Explosive Growth

Storytel Arabia, the newly-launched Middle East division of Europe’s leading platform for audiobooks, has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Jamalon, the Middle East region’s largest online book store with a catalogue of over 10 million titles. [Source:]

Audiobooks? In Your Car? What a novel concept…

Devotees can now listen to their Kobo audiobooks through Apple CarPlay-compatible infotainment systems — just connect the phone to your car, fire up the app, and you're off to the races. [Source: Engadget]

E.U. Drops Requirement of VAT on EBooks, Audiobooks

The Economic and Financial Affairs Council (Ecofin) of the European Union will allow member states to reduce the rate of value added tax (VAT) for electronic publications, including e-books and audiobooks, to match those of printed material. [Source: Shelf-Awareness]

The Medium is the Message: A Canadian Catholic Listener’s Experience With Audiobooks

Audiobooks are having a moment. [Source: TheCatholicRegister]