Listening To Audiobooks Is Just As Good As Reading If Not Better So Back The Hell Off! 

The only thing you can look at while reading is words. [Source:]

Why Non-fiction Audiobooks Are The Perfect Choice For First-time Listeners 

With audiobooks, narrators pronounce the tough stuff for readers, making it easier to understand and absorb the information in the book without the stress of second guessing every other sentence. [Source:]

Audiobooks Are Not The Disruptor; Smartphones Are 

The fact is, there are plenty of books, both fiction and nonfiction, that can be heard rather than read without much lost in the translation to digital. Digital copies, whatever their imperfections, rarely make you sorry you bought them in the first place. [Source:]

Getting the Measure Of Downloadable Audio 

Statistical data on the continued remarkable growth of the audiobook industry. []

Freshen Up In The Loo With An Audiobook 

Instead of elevator music playing in the restrooms, one Nottingham bar is playing audiobooks. [Source:]

Greatly Condensed Non-fiction Books Enable Accelerated Digestion 

German startup called Blinkist has an alternative for non-fiction. Each book is boiled down to a 15-minute book report called a book-in-blinks. Each of the book-in-blinks has individual sections that recap core concepts from the original book. [Source:]

RB Media Acquires Gildan And Now Offers Business Audiobooks 

Business and personal development audiobooks are now more accessible to consumers via RBmedia's global distribution reach, boasting the largest collection of audiobooks of any corporate learning company in the world. [Source:]