Major Publishers See Strong Gains with Audio

Major publishers such as Simon and Schuster, HarperCollins, Hachette and Penguin Random House have all reported that digital audiobooks continue to soar, while ebooks still generate meaningful revenue, although sales are soft. [Source: GoodEReader]

Illegal File-sharing: "You can't get away with blaming a family member," Says Top Court

An audiobook unlawfully shared prompts a court case. []

Sign of Publishers' Faith in the Medium of Audio

61% Of Canadian Publishers Produce Audiobooks -- Up From 16% Just Two Years Ago [Source: Forbes]

Stop the Intellectual Snobbery – Of Course Listening to a Book counts as ‘reading it’

Listeners vote that listening to audiobooks counts as reading them. [Source:]

What’s Really Driving the Popularity of Podcasts…

Some of the best, most engaging brand podcasts thematically support and add value to the brand's positioning and values. [Source: Forbes]