subway-car-library.png#asset:5071Audiobook Library On A Subway Train!

A train car in Bejing has been transformed into an audiobook library. [Source: Mashable]

Publishers Experiment With Audiobook-Only Productions

The flourishing market for audiobooks is fostering a straight-to-audio revolution that skips books entirely — or publishes the print book and e-book after the audio version. [Source: ChicagoTribune]

Audible has a new "Romance Package" service…

Thousands of romance titles are now available to customers and, perhaps most importantly, allows listeners to skip ahead straight to the sex scenes if they so choose. [Source: MarketWatch]

The First Ever Audiobook Publisher Award From The London Book Fair

This award will recognize an audiobook publisher who has demonstrated innovation in audiobook publishing, whose publication has created significant impact, resulting in critical acclaim, high sales, and PR coverage, or has demonstrated a new business model or business innovation. [Source: KnowledgeSpeak and The London Book Fair]

Associations Look To Publishing Audiobooks To Bolster Existing Business

For associations already keeping an eye on the podcast trend, the rise of audiobooks could help bolster and existing publishing business or act as a potential loss-leader for educational content. [Source: AssociationsNow]

Audibooks As Sleep Aids?

Sleep aids, or distractions from sleeplessness, come in other forms, but the podcast or audiobook has advantages over many of them. [Source: ChicagoTribune]