Keith McCarthy narrates audiobooks and educational texts from his home studio on Boston's North Shore. He specializes in middle grade and YA fiction, history/other non-fiction, and he narrates romances under the pseudonym, Lance Adams. Keith is also an actor and an educator who has directed over 60 student productions. He enjoys hiking, paddle boarding and laying out on the beach with a good book.

APA: What are you hoping to gain from your APA membership?

Keith: I joined APA hoping to attend APAC, do some networking, and expand my narration skills. Perhaps I would even exchange idle banter at the APAC breakfast buffet with my hero Scott Brick. Of course, the pandemic got in the way of all that, but I've found that the archived APA Webcasts have been a treasure trove of information, and I'm looking forward to the online events the APA has organized.

APA: What cool projects are you working on?

Keith: I am finishing up a coming-of-age/psychological horror novel called The Monsters Within by Kody Boye. After that, I will be narrating a collection of sci-fi short stories, From Chaos to Cosmos by John Kaniecki.

APA: Tell us why you decided to get into the audiobook profession and how are you looking to partner with other APA members and non-members?

Keith: Several years ago I started recording myself reading books out loud to give to my students who struggle with reading comprehension. That was a rewarding experience, and it gave me the confidence to pursue a career narrating audiobooks. I'm hoping that the relationships I develop through the APA will help me increase my network of publishers and audiobook production houses I work with.

APA: Any interesting/fun facts we should know about you/your company?

Keith: I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy narrating romance. I've recently narrated books featuring love between soldiers, werewolves, dragons, and hockey players... but not all in the same book:)