Dagaz Media represents the combined forces of two celebrated Maine-based talents in audio programming, William Dufris (Mind’s Eye Productions) and Fred Greenhalgh (FinalRune Productions). Though William Dufris has passed on, Fred continues Bill's legacy by continuing to produce high-end audio drama content and audiobooks for publishers, streaming services, and podcasting companies (also doing a wee bit of branded content).

Fred is recognized internationally as a pioneer in modern audio drama, in large part due to his on-location recording techniques, which take a film-like approach to field recording and apply them to audio dramas. Credits include Locke & Key, The X-Files: Cold Cases, and The X-Files: Stolen Lives, all for Audible Studios, Expeditionary Force: Homefront for Podium Publishing, and the original podcast series, The Dark Tome.

What are you hoping to gain from your APA membership?
Fred: My experience began as a podcast-native and while I worked alongside William Dufris for years, he took point on the audiobook line of business. With Bill's passing, I've had to learn the audiobook business (which is quite different from podcasting!) at a rapid-fire pace; I am eager to learn from the APA community all about this awesome part of the spoken-word universe.

What cool projects are you working on?
Fred: In addition to quite a few audiobooks, I'm developing several original audio dramas for podcast outlets including The Dark Tome: Season 3, a sci-fi anthology series called Singular Solution involving 8 writers in the US and UK, and talking to several publishers about ambitious multi-voiced audiobooks and audio dramas.

Tell us why you decided to start producing audiobooks?
Fred: I started as fiction writer, and early on I had trouble breaking through the traditional publishing world so I started adapting my stories into audio dramas and putting them out as podcasts. I was one of the first in the USA to do this and on account of my indie work I ultimately started getting gigs for commercial clients including Audible Studios, the BBC, NPR, and others.

Any interesting/fun facts we should know about you/your company?
Fred: Weeeell... I live off-the-grid! So whenever COVID-19 is over and we get to go to conferences again, I am likely to be one of the few people you'll meet who has recently milked a goat. I definitely had no carpentry experience before we started this, but my wife and I are pretty stubborn and with good mentorship we managed to build a yurt-inspired, super-efficient, solar-powered home of the wood of Maine (which is a pretty great place to be riding out this COVID-19 crisis!).