It’s like somebody’s whispering in your ear

Audiobooks are one of the fastest-growing segments of not just the publishing industry, but the entire media and entertainment market. [Source:]

The return of SYNC, AudioFile's summer listening program for teens

Returning Spring 2022, SYNC gives participants two thematically paired audiobooks each week. [Source:]

Growth and changes in the French audiobook market

The new study from France’s publishers indicates that French audiobook fans are moving from CDs and tape to digital audio. [Source:]

Before I was a novelist, audiobooks taught me how to tell a story

I was learning what good writing sounded like — the cadence, flow and rhythm. [Source:]

Do audiobooks make a difference to reading?

As audiobooks and podcasts gain popularity, teachers are wondering if there are advantages to using them in the classroom. [Source:]

Audiobooks are helping people find their way back to books in India

A lot of listeners found their way back to books, having lost a precious reading habit in the years that life turned too busy. For quite many others, it has become a way to connect to the mother tongue they grew or lived apart from. And for those with disabilities, it has opened up whole new libraries. [Source:]

How Many Words Per Minute Does the Average Person Speak?

Unless you’re an audiobook narrator or a frequent public speaker, you might not have any idea how many words people tend to utter in a given minute. [Source:]