London Book Fair International Excellence Awards shortlists announced.

Check out the audiobook publisher category…[Source: The Bookseller]

Auditory training programs offer exercises designed to improve your hearing skills.

Using headphones or by streaming sound directly to your hearing aids, you can listen to audiobooks and hone your hearing and listening skills. [Source: HealthyHearing]

Educators are using audiobooks in new ways to teach material and help students build literacy skills.

“We want students to love books and reading. Audiobooks increase their love of literacy.” [Souce: SchoolLibraryJournal]

“Original audiobooks” vs “enhanced audiobooks” and the future of higher education.

Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Bomber Mafia” original audiobook portends new ideas in collaboration. [Sources: InsideHigherEd and Wall Street Journal]

Audiobooks to help you enjoy your time in the cab this spring

Why spring? Well in this case the "cab" is the driver's seat of a tractor for spring planting! [Source: AgWeb Farm Journal]

Road Trips Return - and more audiobook listening

The best audiobooks for your summer drive, sorted by length — and who’s in the car. [Source: Washington Post]