Self-Help is popular, but only in secret

“Self-help is always high on the list and I do think it’s because people do want to learn and they are using things like commute and travel to better themselves,” says Michele Cobb, APA's executive director. [Source: Observer]

The Voice of God. (And Knausgaard, Whitman, Machiavelli … )

Edoardo Ballerini's rise to audiobook stardom [Source: New York Times]

Children’s books have undergone a huge transformation.

It wouldn’t perhaps be wrong to say that audiobooks are a child’s new best friend now, ensuring there’s a grandma for every kid yearning for a bedtime story. [Source: FinancialExpress]

Storytel's audiobook ad campaign...

Watch as streams of color that represent stories—i.e., new ideas and thrilling concepts—flow freely to the depths of the human psyche. [Source: Musebycl]

Audiobooks: Reinventing reading in the time of COVID-19

The current situation has definitely brought the spotlight on audiobooks during the initial lockdown phases, wherein bookstores and book delivery was closed,’’ says Niti Kumar, PRH India. [Source: The Week]

Coronavirus Shutdowns Weigh on Book Sales but Audiobooks May Be Pandemic-Proof

Total U.S. sales in March were down 8.4 percent to $667 million, a sign of how the early days of the pandemic hurt booksellers and publishers. [Source: New York Times]