What audiobook would this horse listen to?

Bologna 2018: Audiobooks Offer Kids New Opportunities to Learn

The Bologna Book Fair focused its attention on audiobooks for the first time with the introduction of a half-day, three-hour seminar called Listen Up!, which featured nine speakers working in the audiobook business across Europe and North America, including Michele Cobb (APA) and Amanda D’Acierno (PRH). [Source: PublishersWeekly]

Young Men Listening to More Audiobooks

Male commuters who may not have picked up a paperback since leaving university are increasingly listening to audiobooks on the way to work as it is seen as more relaxing than reading. [Source: The Times UK]

Booming Audiobook Sales Double in the UK in Five Years, Recap of the 2018 London Book Fair

In data revealed at the 2018 London Book Fair, UK consumers bought 3% fewer books last year than 2016 overall across all print and digital formats, audiobook purchases rose both in volume by 12% and value by 15%, with purchases in this format nearly doubling since 2012. [Source: The BookSeller and PublishersWeekly]

Audiobooks Give New Life to Oral Tradition

Audiobooks are not a pale imitation of “real” books. The growth of the market for digital downloads is a modern adaptation of how audiences have enjoyed literature for millennia, through an oral tradition. [Source: The Times UK]

Although About 3/4 of Americans Have Read at Least One Book in the Past Year, More Are Listening Rather Than Reading

While print books are still the most popular reading format — with 67% of Americans having read a print book in the past year — there has been a modest (but statistically significant) increase in the share of Americans who read audiobooks, from 14% to 18%, according to a Pew Research Center analysis. [Source: BizJournals]

Apple Podcasts' 50 Billion Downloads Since 2005 Have Audiobook Publishers Looking at the Success of Podcasts

Podcasting is a gateway to audiobooks and the digital publishing industry is well aware. Well known podcasts are getting book deals and doing original audiobook content for Audible and other online retailers. [Source: GoodEReader]

Audible’s Narrator Hall of Fame

Audible, headquartered in Newark, debuted its new state-of-the-art studios last week as it welcomed its inaugural class of 20 inductees to its "Narrator Hall of Fame." The narrators -- picked for their bodies of work, listener reviews and exceptional performances -- were given among the first public tours of the space before being honored steps away at the Newark Museum. Among the honored were APA members Andi Arndt, Scott Brick, Cassandra Campbell, George Guidall, Robin Miles, Barbara Rosenblat, Bahni Turpin and Simon Vance. [Source:]