In Praise of Running to Audiobooks

Throughout the pandemic, books have been my constant running companion. [Source:]

Audies 2022

Glitz and Glamour shared across the miles, to celebrate excellence in audiobook production. Congratulations to the nominees and winners in 2022. [Source:] [Source:] [Source:]

Why I no longer read physical books

It was jarring that I was able to adapt from physical books, which I was completely loyal to for my entire life, to audiobooks so quickly. [Source:]

Classics make great audiobooks: Ruskin Bond

According to Bond, since there can be hesitation to pick up a classic because of its length or language, audiobooks make them more accessible. [Source:]

Just for fun: a story about a band named audiobooks

Three years and two albums in and they have honed their live show into something strange but mesmerizing with only the Faerie-Queen-like figure of Ling to draw attention away from the glacial Wrench and his bank of keyboards and electronics. [Source:]