The World of Books Braces for a Newly Ominous Future

Publishers, bookstores and authors are struggling to confront and limit the financial fallout from the unfolding coronavirus crisis. [Source: NY Times]

London Book Fair Award Winners

Awards all taking place online with the prizes posted to winners after the event was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. [Source: The Bookseller]

NEA Says 55% of Americans Are Readers

For the first time, this figure incorporates reading of print and e-books, and listening to audiobooks. [Source: Publishers Weekly]

Why it Matters that Asian Representation is Growing in Audiobooks

White voice actors historically dominated the world of book narration, but in recent years, publishers have made efforts to cast representative narrators who have experience with culturally specific language and dialogue. [Source: NBC News]

The 20% Tax on e-Books and Online Newspapers, Magazines and Journals will be Abolished on 1 December.

Audiobooks will still be taxed. [Source: BBC]

Lucy Ellmann’s Ducks, Newburyport, is a Single-sentence Stream of Consciousness Set Entirely Within the Mind of an Ohio Housewife

Even better: a two-billion-part Netflix series detailing every single thought in the narrator’s head. [Source: The Guardian]