Disruption + customization + engagement = Intellectual Property (IP) creation

At LMBPN®, our goals are to create stories people want to immerse themselves in and listen to over and over and provide opportunities and support to our collaborators, our teams, and the overall indie community while being a financially healthy company so we may give back where we can.

How do we go about implementing our goals? We focus on positively disrupting the ways things have “always been done” by creating IP made up of compelling stories that are not only entertaining but are unique in the way they are told while they champion the human spirit.

The disruption comes through customization, which is a key component of our success. We look for opportunities to deliver content that takes into account what readers want, what our authors wish to write, and finally, what excites narrators to perform.

Superb visuals and marketing deliverables support these great stories! One recent example is our Opus X Series, which launched wide in e-book and audio in collaboration with Dreamscape Media.

Obsidian Detective

You can listen to the audio sample of our first book by clicking on the audio cover of Obsidian Detective (above) and watch the launch video by clicking on the e-book cover of the series’ first boxed set (below). Make sure to have your computer’s sound up so you can experience first-hand the level of detail we put into promoting not only our stories but our distribution partners as well.

OpusX Boxed Set

Our website www.lmbpn.com showcases our extensive catalog of IP you can narrate. Our most recent launch in multi-voice is one of the avenues by which an established, successful dramatized adaptation publishing company such as Graphic Audio™ maximized the storytelling component of our tentpole series The Kurtherian® Gambit. Listen to the audio sample by clicking on the GraphicAudio book cover.

Likewise, we can provide you with existing or customized collaborations for stories in genres that are trending for your company to narrate.

Want more information? Find our latest Audio Rights Catalog and more about our company and partners at:

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