Klopotek Helps Publishers Manage and Maintain Their Audiobook Metadata

Many editorial management systems are still driven by the traditional print product. But with your focus on audiobooks, you need a system that can handle your unique requirements.

Klopotek's Cloud gives you a cost-effective way to manage your metadata, helping you get the best results from your partnerships with distributors and selling platforms - and building your visibility in the market and for SEO requirements. In our global marketplace, your audiobooks' appearance in different markets requires metadata, classification, and blurbs specifically adjusted to each market and region and culture. So you need a software system that helps you to focus on the relevant information, supports your workflow, and confirms that your metadata fulfills the latest ONIX standard for audio books.

With Klopotek's flexible STREAM apps, adding and working with new formats and platforms to your existing business processes is easy, as STREAM allows you to manage your audio and other metadata in a highly customizable way by selecting from various scenarios, tailored to your requirements. Get state-of-the-art support for your Product Life Cycle Management, powered by the intuitive User Interface of Klopotek STREAM – by using a slick, smart, preconfigured system in the Cloud at genuine low cost.

  • Easy to work with.
  • Proven & reliable.
  • Available 24/7.

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