Early Audiobook
In the 1800's, a personal listening device was imagined.

The Audio Publishers Association’s annual review of the audiobook market found another year of double-digit sales increases as well as a profound shift in listening habits.

Despite concerns early in the pandemic that the plunge in commuting would lead to a drop in sales, the APA found that sales from the 27 companies that report results to the APA sales survey increased 12%, to $1.3. [Source: Publishers Weekly]

APA Cites 12-Percent 2020 US Audiobook Revenue Growth

More than 71,000 audiobooks were published in the United States, up 39 percent over 2019. [Source: Publishing Perspectives]

Audiobook New Titles Soar 39% in 2020

Results of Edison Research's 957 online interviews in January/February 2021. [Source: Voiceover Extra]

Slate reports on casting in audiobooks

The audiobook industry is collectively squirming through the debate on representation and casting. [Source: Slate]

Uncanny predictions about audiobooks..

In 1889, a professor from the University of Minnesota imagined the use of "whispering machines"...a little miniature phonograph that would be tucked away in people's hats, and then connected to the people's ears. [Source: ABC.net]