Michael Lewis will soon write exclusively for audio, bypassing print."You're not going to be able to read it, you're only going to be able to listen to it"

There is a growing group of A-list authors bypassing print and releasing audiobook originals, hoping to take advantage of the exploding audiobook market. [Source: New York Times]

NYRF 2018: The Audiobook Market Grows Globally

The audiobook phenomenon is most prominent in North America but it is spreading across the world, as discussed in a panel on Wednesday at the New York Rights Fair entitled “The Audiobook Heard ‘Round the World.’” Two separate camps are emerging: streaming, and a “credit-based” download system, or a-la-carte model. [Source: Publishers Weekly]

BookExpo 2018: Audio, Bigger and Better: No Apology Necessary

For the 18th year in a row, BookExpo will host the APA’s Annual Author Tea, hosted by APA member, Robin Whitten, founder and editor of Audiofile magazine. [Source: Publishers Weekly]

Is It Time For A UK Audiobook Trade Body?

Maybe a union isn't what's required, but some form of body/group that can meet, discuss and fight for audiobook creator issues IS something the UK needs. [Source: LinkedIn]

2018 Audie Winners

[Source: AudioFile Magazine]

Audiobooks now earn publishers more than mass market paperbacks — even as ebook sales fell 3.2% in 2018's first quarter. 

In short, digital audiobooks are helping keep the publishing industry afloat in the first quarter of 2018. The news makes the audiobook format just the latest in a handful of formats and gimmicks that have helped publishers' revenue hold steady over the past several years. [Source: Forbes]

Grover Gardner: A Portrait of the Voice in my Head

You’re not just the narrator. You’re the director, you’re the scenic artist, you’re the set designer, you’re the choreographer,” [Source: The VillageVoice]

Publishers embrace, and ponder, audiobooks' rise

as the market thrives, competition grows and the industry looks warily at audio’s dominant seller, Amazon, and the Amazon-owned audio producer and distributor, Audible Inc. [Source: WashingtonsTopNews]

UK Audiobook downloads rose 22% last year

Publishers are investing and innovating in audio so that audiences can experience books in new ways enabling it to continue to be the fastest growing digital format [Source: TheBookseller]