More UK kids than ever are listening to audiobooks
More UK kids than ever are listening to audiobooks.

From the UK: A quarter of children now listen to audiobooks as numbers rise in lockdown.

We know that audiobooks, which many access for free online, have provided a lifeline to countless children and young people. [Source:]

Is Listening To Podcasts As We Fall Asleep Actually Good For Us?

As with most sleep aids, it turns out there are both positives and negatives to listening to podcasts and videos to fall asleep. [Source:]

Audiobooks Engaging Reluctant Readers

The National Literacy Trust explores the various benefits of audiobooks for children and young people, from building comprehension skills to sharing stories across generations. [Source: National Literacy Trust]

The audiobook industry is collectively squirming through the cultural debate on representation and casting.

Amid a publishing boom in literature by writers of color, nonwhite narrators are being offered more work than they once were. [Source:]

Immersive Media & Books 2020 found that people who listen to audiobooks are the most avid book engagers.

67.9% of audiobooks listeners engage with four or more books in a month, as compared to 53% of the general survey population. [Source:]

Audiobooks are here to stay.

Insights on Canadian listeners. [Source:]