Image: Audio Publishers Association 2018 annual survey, illustration by Findaway

Now That Surveys Are Complete, Audiobook Industry Shows Big Growth in 2018

Audio Publishers Association Sales Survey:

The Bookseller: U.S. print sales dip while audio booms by 25%

Books and Publishing: U.S. audiobook sales up 25% in 2018

Forbes: U.S. Audiobook Sales Neared 1 Billion in 2018

Publishing Perspectives: Audio Publishers Association Survey Nearly 1 Billion in 2018 Sales

Publishers Weekly: Audiobook Sales Jumped 24% in 2018

Association of American Publishers Sales Survey:

Publishers Weekly: Association of American Publishers' StatShot Annual report

Forbes: Audiobook Revenues Soared in 2018 (AAP data cited)

Mark Haddon on the Magic of Audiobooks: 'I'm tempted to say I haven’t read a book properly until I’ve had it read to me'

Forget the snobs who treat the written word as superior. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time author explains why he’s a huge fan (Source: The Guardian)

The U.S. Army Releases Its First Audiobooks

The Training and Doctrine Command’s Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate (CADD) has released audiobook versions of a pair of training manuals for the first time as part of an experiment to see if it’s an effective medium to spread information to soldiers across the force. (Source: The Verge)

China Turns Censorship Crackdown Efforts to Podcasts and Audiobooks

Audiobooks of horror novels that contained zombies and posthumous marriage have been removed, accusing them of spreading “historical nihilism.” (Source: The Drum)

Think Cookbooks Make Poor Audiobooks? Think Again!

This June, chef Marcus Samuelsson and Audible will release Our Harlem: Seven Days of Cooking, Music, and Soul at the Red Rooster, an audio production that aims to redefine the cookbook experience for the audio space while celebrating identity and culture through food. (Source: Fortune)

APA First Call for Audies Nominations Passed - Get Ready for the Second

First wave deadlines have passed, but 2nd wave is due Oct 2nd. (Source: Publishing Perspectives)