Public Library Ebook And Audiobook Use Rocketed Up 20% In 2019

Of that 20% increase, the rise in audiobook consumption made up the lion’s share of growth, though the total number of audiobooks borrowed stayed well below the total number of borrowed ebooks. [Source: Forbes]

Penguin Random House Audio Will Release a Live Audiobook Recording of Actor David Dean Bottrell's One-Man Storytelling Show, David Dean Bottrell Makes Love.

"We've always wanted to experiment more with translating live recordings to audiobooks, and David's engaging storytelling made for the perfect opportunity," says Amanda D'Acierno, President and Publisher, Penguin Random House Audio. [Source: Broadwayworld]

Pushing the Listening Experience Further And Further

There are now books being recorded that would never have been considered as audiobooks 10 years ago. [Source: BBC]