Ingram’s suite of digital platforms and services offers publishers a wide range of powerful tools, including:

  • CoreSource, a digital asset management and distribution engine,
  • Smart Metadata, a metadata enhancement service to increase discoverability,
  • Aerio, a direct to consumer sales and marketing solution,
  • Marketing Insights, consumer marketing and retail analytics surfaced daily to help grow sales potential,
  • CoreSource Plus, a fully-managed digital distribution service, reaching readers and listeners in more than 100 countries. With a single contract, CoreSource Plus connects publishers to retailers large and small, libraries, schools, universities, and subscription and streaming platforms.

CoreSource Plus allows publishers to sell their content in more places by reaching over 50 digital retailers and library suppliers, saving publishers time by handling all the individual contract negotiations.

CoreSource Plus combines the simplicity of setting up a direct relationship with the ease of a ready-on-day-one comprehensive network. A single contract unlocks the wide-reaching distribution of CoreSource Plus. We recognize no two publishers are the same and allow each publisher to retain control over where and how their content is distributed.

Direct connections to audio channel partners spanning 100+ countries.

As the popularity of audiobooks expands, so does the CoreSource Plus network. The CoreSource Plus team continues to add to its vetted network of retailer and library channels, enabling each audiobook to reach a wide audience. International in scope, with an expansive array of business models and platforms to choose from, CoreSource Plus works on behalf of publishers to get your title is where the listeners are. Whether you are looking to be everywhere, or interested in specific regions, business models, or niche markets, CoreSource Plus will get your book there.

Comprehensive, normalized sales reporting – in one simple report.

CoreSource Plus puts an emphasis on simplicity. Before any retailer is added to the CoreSource Plus network, we work behind the scenes to complete thorough testing, with a focus on sales reporting to ensure monthly sales files can be rapidly and easily processed and are in the hands of the publishers without delay. The promise of comprehensive sales reporting means CoreSource Plus can include both ebook and audiobook sales in one report, with every sale converted to a single currency.

To learn more and get started today, visit CoreSource Plus Audio.