Backed by over 18 years of experience in the book and audiobook industry, AudiobooksNow set out to be a different kind of digital audiobook service. Through its years of experience with BookLender, the company’s paperback book and CD audiobook rental service, AudiobooksNow has a tradition of innovation. This year AudiobooksNow released its custom recommendations software and bulk purchasing platform.


AudiobooksNow’s custom recommendations engine feeds off of 18 years of in-house audiobook data. AudiobookNow combines the extensive ratings, reviews, and rental history of BookLender with its own ratings, reviews, and purchase history. With such a vast amount of historical data to work with, AudiobookNow is able to produce highly customized recommendations for each user. Better recommendations leads to greater satisfaction for AudiobooksNow customers.

AudiobooksNow made bulk purchasing of digital audiobooks as simple as copy and paste. Qualifying organizations can apply to AudiobooksNow’s free bulk purchasing platform that makes it simply and affordable to purchase multiple copies of the same audiobook in bulk for its employees, students, or congregation. The platform allows organizations to choose whether they want to send the recipients an email or hand out activation codes individually. They also have the ability to track and resend activation codes from their account.

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