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Duvall Hecht, pioneer in the world of audiobooks, dies at 91

In a flurry of entrepreneurial magic, Hecht sold his 1965 Porsche, hired a college drama coach and created what would become volume No. 1 in his founding BOOKS ON TAPE catalogue, a taped recording of George's Plimpton's football tale, PAPER LION. [Source: LATimes via]

Audio books link digital education with traditional oral teaching in India

Educators and students share their ideas on the role of audiobooks in e-learning and its connection with past and future pedagogical cultures. [Source:]

Audiobooks Account for a Third of Books ‘Read’ in Iceland

A side benefit of this audiobook explosion is that Icelandic books that have gone out of print are now readily available once again. [Source:]

AI Influence on Audiobooks Grows—As Does Controversy

Industry experts artfully weigh in on the intelligence of AI. [Source:]

WIRED debates synthetic voices in audiobooks

Publishers hope computer-generated voices can help them tap surging demand, but some fans—and Amazon—are resisting the robots. [Source:]

Audiobooks: the opportunity to listen to a story and its evolution in the digital world

Audiobooks allow us to recover the oral tradition of telling stories. [Source:]