John Leguizamo to Host the 26th Annual Audie Awards

"...I can't wait to honor this evolving art form. In a year that's been so turbulent, it feels good to pay tribute to the artists who helped us still feel human in an era of social-distancing and self-isolation." [Source: itnewsonline]

Welcome to the Year of the Audiobook

Turning on an audiobook while your little rummages through bins of LEGO opens up entirely new worlds for them. [Source: EastOregonian]

As Audiobooks Boom, Publishers Get Inventive with Sound-Only Recipes, Puzzles, How-tos

Audiobooks’ rise in popularity is giving publishers confidence to move beyond lean-back listening. [Source: WSJ]

MIDiA Research Reports Strong Growth for Audio

Though 2020 was a case of a high tide rises all boats, audiobooks were a big winner. [Source: MIDiA]

How to Use Audiobooks to Engage with your Child

Enjoying an audiobook with your family is a great way to spend time together. [Source: abc10]

Changing Trends in the Publishing Industry

Watch as the publishing industry evolves into the future. [Source: Forbes]