Frankfurt Book Fair 2018

From the Frankfurt Book Fair: The Audiobook Boom Is Real, Global, and Just Getting Started!

When it comes to audio, with new platforms, models, and ever powerful technology, a digital revolution for publishers has materialized. [Source: Publishers Weekly].

FutureBook Wants to Make Books More Compelling than Netflix

Conference in London focuses on new technology and advances in the audiobook industry, including trends in downloadable audiobooks, podcasts, and voice technology. [Source: Publishers Weekly].

Audiobooks Looking to Gain Ground in Potentially Large Latin American Market

Relatively new to the market, audiobooks are trying to wiggle into the Latin American publishing scene, where there are vast numbers of potential readers but also obstacles to overcome, like the high costs of developing such products. [Source: Aldia News].

Listen to Audiobooks? Here are Some of the Top Bestseller Lists and Review Sites

Good e-Reader reviews its resources list. [Source: Good e-Reader].

Listening vs. Reading

A smart and informed view on reading vs. listening that you might not have heard before. [Source: New York Times].

Publishing Trends… Who Wins the Aural Battle?

Which is more popular, podcasts or audiobooks? It’s not a battle between the two, as one complements the other. [Source: Publishing Trends].