In the UK, agents want to be able to sell audio as a separate right, but many publishers no longer accept this as even a possibility.

At the recent Audiobook Revolution (part of the FutureBook Conference, London) a number of agents raised concerns about publishers demanding audio rights when they also buy print. [Source:]

Google Search Adds New Dedicated Section for Audiobooks

Users can simply search for a book in the Google Search, and the search engine will additionally display a new pane that will be dedicated for audiobooks. Convenient links will be added alongside the search results so that users will get guided to apps from which they can purchase the audiobook. [Source:]

"Best Audiobooks” Lists Are Emerging!

Many great “Best Audiobooks” lists have been published on websites and blogs including the Washington Post, L.A.Times. School Library Journal, Paste Magazine, Audible, AudioFile, Libro FM, and Book Riot. More than 25 sites and blogs partnered with AudioFile to reveal their Best Audiobooks lists.

Best Audiobooks Lists:

The Washington Post

L.A. Times

School Library Journal




Libro FM

Book Riot


 A short history of the audiobook, 20 years after the first portable digital audio device…

 PBS NewsHour looks at back at the history of audiobooks, how they’re different from reading on the page, and where they’re headed next. [Source:]