Audiobooks are booming. It is estimated that global double-digit sales growth will continue for the coming years, and innovation across the industry – from distribution and business models, to marketing and production – can provide both huge opportunities and increased operational complexities for publishers.

Are you a publisher who is interested in:

  1. Accelerating your audiobook programme?
  2. Driving sales by expanding into new digital distribution channels?
  3. Access to intelligent sales reporting and analytics?
  4. A streamlined audiobook production service?

Then Bookwire can help!

Bookwire OS, the leading operating system for publishers, is One Solution for all production, distribution, marketing and analytics processes to drive your audiobook business forward.

With over a decade's experience in international distribution of eBooks and audiobooks on behalf of 1,600 publishers, today we distribute over 70,000 audiobook titles across the widest possible network of digital sales channels.

We work closely with publishers, offering a dedicated account manager, with state-of-the-art asset, metadata and rights technology as well as fully automated channel management and comprehensive analytics via our Bookwire OS platform. You want to seamlessly distribute your audiobook titles to flat rate streaming channels 3 months after digital download stores? No problem, Bookwire OS can handle this and more, either on a title or list level.

One of the key drivers for audiobook growth is the steady rise of flat rate streaming platforms – such a Spotify – and at Bookwire we recognise this presents a pain point for publishers as audiobook chapters are much longer in duration than music tracks for which most streaming services were designed.

Our BASS solution is in algorithmically driven snipping tool which automatically and invisibly cuts audiobook files into short 2-minute tracks before distributing to streaming services. This guarantees that audiobooks are monetized on the same level playing field as music, laying the foundations for the huge growth of this sales channel. In addition, our marketing team can offer expertise in title discovery through audiobook playlist marketing which drives discoverability and sales.

Innovation lies at the heart of everything we do. That's why we have launched Odyssey, a dedicated audiobook discovery voice assistant that recommends individually tailored audiobook recommendations to rapidly growing global streaming audiences.

And our award winning WAY audiobook production service is used regularly by some of the most world's leading publishers. The service is currently available in the following languages: English, Spanish (Castilian and Neutral), German, Portuguese and French.

Manage complexity with Bookwire's One Solution. The Operating System for audio success.

For more information, please contact Videl Bar-Kar, Global Head of Audio –