Everything we do at Bookwire is geared towards giving audiobook publishers the best tools to grow and optimise digital sales across an unparalleled network of global retailers. Founded in 2009, we now work with over 1,600 publishers, and our world class Bookwire MACS platform distributes over 50,000 audiobook titles.

As the audiobook market continues to grow, driven by technology and new digital retailers, as well as consumer demand and an increase in the number of audiobook titles produced each year, we understand that as audiobook publishers, you need first class solutions to help manage the growth of your business today and in the future.

The backbone of Bookwire’s offering is a one stop distribution service, enabling audiobook publishers to reach the widest possible network of digital sales channels through one contract. We work closely and effectively with publishers, combining a dedicated personal account manager, with state of the art asset, metadata and rights management as well as fully automated channel management and comprehensive analytics via our Bookwire MACS platform, which was designed specifically with audiobook publishers in mind. You want to automatically distribute your audiobook titles to flat rate streaming channels 3 months after first publication date? No problem, Bookwire MACS can handle this and more - either on a title, or list level.

One of the key drivers for audiobook growth is the steady rise of flat rate streaming platforms - such as Spotify - and at Bookwire we recognise this presents a pain point for publishers as audiobooks are much longer in duration than music tracks for which most streaming services were designed. Our BASS solution is an algorithmically driven snipping tool which automatically, safely and invisibly cuts audiobook files into 2 to 3 minute tracks before distributing to streaming services. This guarantees that audiobooks are remunerated on the same playing field as music, laying the foundations for the huge growth of this sales channel. In addition, our marketing team have expertise in title discovery via specialist audiobook playlist marketing which we can deploy to maximise sales.

Our global team of 50 digital publishing experts are passionate about the growth of audiobooks and we look forward to working with new publishers of all sizes to help grow sales and reach the largest possible audience.

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